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What you should know before booking any Halong bay cruise:
The difficulty here is to choose the right Halong Bay tour at a good price and good quality. In the old quarter of Hanoi, there are many kinds of Sinh or Kim cafes , tour desks offering Halong Bay tours at very low rate from 40USD for an overnight trip on many boats or junks. They were upgraded from the small boats by some tour companies in Hanoi and Halong city. Then, they will sell Halong Bay Tours at very good rates. However, it is not safe as there have been many cases the overnight junks just turn up side down after a small win and the latest tourist junk sank in Halong bay on 16th Feb 2011, killing 12 tourists. It is definitely not worth to book some kinds of junks like that. More information on how to choose your halong bay cruise or contact us if you have any questions