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Jame smith, Dumfries, Scotland
Fascinating Vietnam

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Everything went smoothly and we had wonderful time. Only small complaint to our trip advisor, he should have told us that there is 3day Halong bay tour. We would have done our Vietnam holiday package with 3day Halong tour. However, Mr Ha did give us the right advice to choose Violet Halong bay cruise. She is really charming and elegant. We could say that she sets up the new version of Vietnam luxury travel. The staff on the cruise are professional

we had really good Vietnam vacation. We love beautiful nature in Halong bay and Sapa. Amazing experience on discovering the hill tribes in Sapa, Red Dzao, Black Dzao, Black H' Mong, Flower H' Mong.... We like Bac Ha market very much. We have learnt alot from them. We will change some in our way of life. Many thanks.

Hi Thai...

The ceramic vase has arrived at last. There were some "extra" payments that had to be made during the shipment and we hired another shipping company to bring the vase up to Santa Fe. In the end the vase is really lovely - the best shopping for us in 2012. You made an excellent selection. We all learned a lot from this experience but that means in the future we have the unexpected covered.

We greatly appreciate your efforts on our behalf.

The "stamps" are perfect. It was the first thing that we looked for in the crate and the package simply fell into our hands. Once again your performance was ideal. I think I will have more stamps made when we come back to Viet Nam. Everyone loves the stamps.

To you, the very best from us and congratulations on a super job.


James B. Smith, MD
13 Sundance Drive
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87506
Cell: Monday - Friday 505-231-5004

A.Graicer, Dalian Development Area - 62# Tie Shan Zhong Road, Dalian China 116600
Hidden Charm of Indochina Travel


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Dear Tom Nguyen,
Many thanks is what my family wants to say. You are so helpful. We had great Cambodia and Vietnam vacation. We enjoy every moment of our 21 days in Vietnam and cambodia. The time we spent on private Victory cruise in Halong bay and RV La Marguerite cruise in Mekong river between Vietnam and Cambodia is memorable. The floating life of Vietnamese people in floating markets is unbelievable. Together with Halong bay, it is the key role for Asia vacation. Hue, Hoian and Myson, the 3 World Heritage Sites, are wonderful. We love walking on small streets in Hoian town in late afternoon very much. Another great experience for us is the lantern festival. The only thing we do not like is the heat in Saigon city. Definitely, we will recommend you company to our friends in near my house in China.

Hannah S.Carter, Ph.D - Director of Wedgworth Leadership Institute for Agriculture and Natural Resources, Room G037, McCarty Hall - Po Box 110126. Gainesville, Fl Charming Halong Bay Hanoi
June 2009


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On behalf of 38 members in our group, I want to send our thanks to all staff of Luxury Vietnam Vacation for organizing successful conferences in Hanoi. Especially, Mr. Thai is so great. Many things seem impossible. However, he made them possible. Our city tour is amazing. We love Hanoi and the way peole live here. They are very friendly and active. The three wheel cycling tour around the old quarter is fascinating. We did like the water puppet show. It is the first time we have seen the puppets dance on the surface of water. It is unique Vietnamese culture. The farewell party in the restaurant - forest was great. The food and the deco were wonderful.

What an amazing morning/afternoon! We are on our privately-chartered boat the BAI THO. Our first stop was a huge cave which was beautiful but packed with people. If we thought the bus driving was sketchy, the boats parking at the caves was pure craziness! We are now cruising along the bay and enjoying the majestic views. Lunch on the boat was so great with crab, shrimp, fish, calamari etc . What a wonderful day!! Next stop HANOI -Annie.

As most of you know by now, we began our day (yesterday) by taking a privately chartered boat into the Ha Long Bay. The view the entire way was amazing! Huge rocks jetting out of the water covered with greenery of some sort. There were tons of boats just like ours all giving tours of the bay. We were so blessed with great weather the entire time as well. And while its probably a little selfish, I had to post the photo of me actually driving the boat. The captain even let me turn a few times. Never imagined driving a boat through Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.

After the boat tour, we boarded the bus and began our 3 1/2 hour bus ride to Hanoi. Along the way we stopped to visit a local farmers village. One farmer demonstrated how they transport the rice from the fields to the storage areas. Several of the group members attempted to carry one that was actually only half full. The photo of Greg shows you pretty much how they carry everything, unless they have a scooter and then they carry everything on it. Further into the village we were able to enter one farmers home and several of the childern came out to see who we were. One girl (12 years old) could speak some english, so we were able to visit with them a little bit. The smallest girl in the picture and the boy next to her loved giving high fives!

When we arrived to Hanoi, we came straight to our hotel which took some time due to the crazy traffic. Thai (our tour guide) told us that there are 3.5 million "motorbikes" in Hanoi and I completely believe him. On the scooters, we have seen up to four people on them, pottery, plants, a mattress between two people, a man and his wife holding a baby while talking on the cell phone on the back, and many other amazing stunts all while driving amongst the other 3.5 million scooters. These people are very talented and make the two Gator linebackers on a scooter seem like no big deal.

For dinner, we had lots of fish, but it was amazing. I can't remember the name of the restaurant at the moment, but we were able to meet the owner who is in the group photo with us. She was very young, but would come by all three tables to check to make sure everything was okay and show us how to eat each dish.

Today we visited the Farmers Union and were able to have some great discussions about Vietnam agriculture. The group had lots of questions for the leaders. Some realized just how difficult it can be to communicate when you don't speak the same language. The Vietnamese group actually had several questions for us and I think they were ready to come visit Florida today! Once they found out Adam was a part of the Farm Bureau, they wanted to pick a date immediately. After the farmers union, we walked through the Ho Chi Minh Mosoleum. Unfortunately, they are closed on Fridays and Mondays so we weren't able to see everything. Afterwards, we went to a very cool (temperature) restaurant which also had great food and the coldest Coca Cola I have had in weeks!

Now the group is on their own until 5:30am when we head to the airport to leave for Hong Kong. It is hard to believe that we are almost done and will be home in 3 days. I hope you are all doing well and enjoy the photos!

We had great time in Halong bay. The hotel we stayed in was very comfortable and of a very high standard, and situated in the most convenient location for us to explore on our own. We found the Vietnamese people to be very welcoming and we never felt unsafe in any way. It was a fantastic trip in a fascinating country and we are left with some wonderful memories which will last a lifetime. Definitely, Many of us will use your company for their family trip to Vietnam in the future. Visit us at our blog: http://wlianr.blogspot.com/2009/06/hello-from-hanoi.html

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