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Vietnam holiday guide for vietnam weather

Vietnam weather is the sub-tropics in North Vietnam and the tropics in South Vietnam. The humidity is high on average of 84% all year round. Moderated by two monsoons, the average temperature(from 22°c to 27°c) is lower than other countries also in the equatorial regions. The weather varies greatly from North to South, depending on elevation and type of landscape.

1. north vietnam weather

North Vietnam(from North to Hue) has four seasons with a cold winter and hot summer. The temperature ranges from 15°C in winter to 35°C in summer. The further North it is, the colder it gets. Rainy months in North Vietnam and South Vietnam are June, July and August. Rainy months in Center Vietnam is October and November. In Vietnam, it rains for half an hour or an hour and stop.

2. center vietnam climate

Temperature is high and more humid in Summer and cooler during the dry season from Descember to April. Flooding may occur from October to December.

2. south vietnam weather

Has a distinct dry season (from November to April) and wet season (from May to October). Average temperature ranges from 25-30C. During wet months, heavy and short downpours may occur in mid-afternoons for half an hour or an hour and stop. Current Weather and Forecasts For real time weather information and forecasts go to: Yahoo Weather Center

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